Pit Type Weighbridge

Pit Type Weighbridge

Pit type weighbridges are robust in construction and they require lesser space. Being leveled against the surface, the pit type weighbridges is easy for vehicles to get on the weighbridge.

We make most accurate pit type weighbridge for our customers. The most important advantage of pit type weighbridge over other types of bridges is its compact size; i.e., less occupancy of space for its structure mounting..

The areas or locations that are lacking in space or does not have much room to utilize, prefers pit type weighbridge. Another advantage of pit type weighbridge is that vehicle can climb on the weighbridge from any direction because pit type weighbridge requires additional architecture to be constructed. The additional construction is done in order to level the weighbridge with respect to the surface.

Since the weighbridge is leveled according to the surface; it eases the task for vehicles to mount over the weighbridge from any direction. It is also most reliable to get the accurate weight for the loaded and unloaded trucks. So, it helps immensely to its users by giving the data from which they can get the best deal possible.

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